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About Brianza Dent.

Brianza Dent Clinic is a modern clinic located in Tirana, which has been offering its services since 1998. With a staff specialized in different countries of the world such as Italy, America or Germany, it offers numerous dental services such as surgical interventions, implantology, orthodontics, various therapies and aesthetic dental services.

Brianza Dent uses the most modern equipment and the best materials, which meet all the standards of the European Union.
We not only offer you solutions to your problems but also bring you a real smile.
Our qualified staff and professionalism will be at your service 6 days a week.

You are welcome to contact us or visit us in our clinic.

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The Only Accredited Dental Clinic in Albania

Specialized in providing you with the best dental services.
Dental Implants
Dental Surgery
Dental Apparatus
Aesthetic Dentistry
Dental care for children

Our Mission.

Our mission is to offer the best dental care for all ages, looking after our patients as if they were members of our family.

Our goal is that every patient reaches the healthiest state thus creating beautiful smiles whomever we serve.

We always strive to be leaders in the dental industry by using the best methods of the 21-st Century, and by keeping high satisfactory levels in our patients.