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The most common questions about our clinic

Yes, if you have enough strong teeth with good bone support and the distance between the core teeth is not too long. Your dentist will help you decide the best way of replacing the teeth within your budget.

Your appearance is one reason. Another is that the gap left by missing tooth can mean greater strain on the teeth at either side. A gap can also mean your ‘bite’ is affected, because the teeth next to the space can lean into the gap and alter the way the upper and lower teeth bite together. This can then lead to food getting packed into the gap, which causes both decay and gum disease.

No, unless you’re only having a single tooth replaced. Normally, five or six implants are used to replace all the teeth in one jaw, as each implant can usually support two teeth. For a few missing teeth, two or three implants may be used.

Most artificial teeth attached to implants can only be placed and removed by the dentist. However, if you have complete dentures fixed to the implants by bars, then you’ll be able to take them out for cleaning.

Veneers provide excellent aesthetics because the lab can actually incorporate characteristics such as greater opacity and special stains and colors that allow an almost perfect match to your own tooth structure.

Our clinic offers general anesthesia depending on the patient’s suitability and necessity.

Every surface in our clinic, including the dental chair, is decontaminated regularly. Tools are sterilized for each patient. All of our staff members regularly wash their hands and put on new gloves for each patient. Additionally, our clinic implements every COVID-19 measure specified by the Ministry of Health and WHO.

The implants we use are lifetime guaranteed by the implant brands. Every procedure that we perform is under satisfaction guaranteed.

Most frequent questions about dental implants