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Invisaligns in Tirana.

Who doesn’t care for a beautiful smile? Teeth and smile beauty are substantial elements of wellbeing. We are all ready for a little dentist help just to have that perfect smile. Invisalign is one of our recent options.

IInvisalign is a removable, transparent, almost invisible custom-made appliance in compliance with your dental arch morphology. Invisalign casings are held in place 22 hour per day, replaced every 3 weeks and their number depends on each case particularities. It is suggested for moderate teeth misalignments and malocclusions.

In addition to invisibility and convenience there are many other reasons to choose Invisalign.

– It is just as effective as traditional bracket appliances.

– Helps your appearance be as aesthetic as possible during the treatment.

– Creates convenience during eating.

– Aesthetics is a major reason why people choose Invisalign. Practically invisible units make patients feel comfortable treating their teeth.

– It can create a safe protection for the teeth during sports activities by providing protection from possible blows or shocks.

– Personal dental hygiene has its facilities as with the removal of Invisalign, you can use the toothbrush and floss normally.

– Invisalign creates a protection for people who grind their teeth during sleep, as it stops the teeth grinding.

Abnormalities in Orthodontics.

Anomalies are considered all deviations from the norm.

They can be skeletal or dental, such as:

– Open bites

– Deep bites

– Second skeletal and dental classes

– Third skeletal and dental classes

– Crossed bites

– Dental collections

Widely use in kids and teenagers with permanent dentition for repositioning of misaligned teeth, and also in adults of every age. They consist of metal brackets or aesthetic ceramic ones (white or transparent).
The only difference between them is the appearance because function and treatment time will be the same.

These appliances consist of metal brackets and Ni-Ti or steel wires. They are used if the patient is not concerned with the appliance appearance.

These appliances consist of transparent ceramic brackets and invisible wires the first moths, metal wires are used in the consecutive months. It provides an efficient orthodontic treatment in teenagers and adults if they want an invisible orthodontic appliance.

This is a new orthodontic revolutionary technique that offers:

– More comfort for the patient

– More ease in cleaning the teeth with brackets

– Shorter treatment time

– Reduction of the clinical sessions

– Decreases teeth extractions number for orthodontic purposes

– It is considered as a low friction method, meaning teeth orthodontic realignment with lower forces, biologically more suitable for the dental system resulting in the treatment time reduction of several months.

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Some anomalies, mainly those skeletal (like crossed bite, third skeletal class, open bite, etc) need treatment since childhood, not only because there is no possible teeth self-alignments but with time it gets worse.

Some other orthodontic anomalies (mainly dental anomalies) can be corrected in grown age as well.

Parents should be careful and send their kids for a visit at an orthodontist since the eruption of the first permanent molar at the age of six. Some orthodontic anomalies are detectable even earlier.

Orthodontic treatment through fixed appliances is 8-24 month depending on the anomaly and the appliance that’s been used. There is no pain during orthodontic treatment, just a short period of discomfort because of the light pressure over the teeth (one week) till full accommodation with the orthodontic appliance. An analgesic such as Paracetamol is rarely needed.

Patients with orthodontic appliances should pay maximum attention to oral hygiene,  Performing teeth brushing three times a day after the main meals is necessary. A careful brushing all around the brackets should be done in all tooth surfaces so that we don’t have food deposition around the brackets which will lead to caries. Mouthwash usage morning and evening, as well as orthodontic brushes are recommended for a better oral hygiene.

After the orthodontic appliance is set in place, patients can eat everything they want but they should be careful with different foods of increased consistency and hardness because it may damage the bracket, that’s why it is necessary to cut the food in small pieces before chewing.

They are used mainly in kids with mixed dentition, if permanent and deciduous teeth are present together. They serve mainly for jaw correction, creation of small spaces, or space preservation in case of early primary teeth loss.