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Dental care for children

Healthy diet and sound teeth.

Special attention is given to prevention of tooth decay through education of oral hygiene, advices for the right diet and application of fluorides or molar sealers.

Teeth, bones and oral tissues require a healthy, well-balanced diet. Generally, high-carbohydrate diets and soft drinks give higher teeth plaque accumulation and tooth decay increased rates, that’s why a healthy diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, dairy and low fat is recommended.

First dental visit should be done around 2-3 years of age. The child is taught how to take care of his primary teeth and mouth. They can start with oral hygiene treatment and regular oral check-ups. First oral check-up purpose at such an early age is the contact, the acceptance, getting familiar with the dental environment, seeing and feeling it like a non-disturbing experience.

Importance of deciduous teeth.

Deciduous teeth start to form prior to child birth. The central lower incisors are the first to break through the gum at the fourth month, followed by the upper central incisors. The whole dental arch is completed by the age of three, but their position and alignment varies a lot till it is fully stabilized.

Their presence is important because it enables nutrition, laughing and speaking for the child. Deciduous teeth play a central role on space preservation and the correct following alignment of the permanent teeth, as well as correct and harmonic growth of the jaws. Primary teeth decay causes pain, infection and unpleasant mouth smell.

Treatment of deciduous teeth caries is possible with simple painless procedures.


– They allow the child to keep a healthy diet by consuming solid and soft food

– They play a crucial role on mastication and facilitate digestion

– They preserve space and guide to the right alignment of the permanent teeth

– They help normal harmonic growth of jaw bones

– They impact right sound and word pronunciation, which has a major role in child self-esteem and confidence

Our purpose is reduced risk for future oral pathologies and life-long healthy beautiful smiles

Teeth fissure sealing prevents tooth decay. Teeth fissure sealants are recommended especially at the fresh-erupted permanent molars. Their occlusal morphology of ridges and groves helps bacterial plaque accumulation and tooth decay initiation.  It’s a painless procedure, no need for anesthetic.

Fluoride prophylaxis consists of the surface application of fluoride gel periodically in order to improve the crystal structure of tooth enamel. Improving the structure of the enamel makes the tooth more resistant to the acid attacks of the bacteria that cause dental caries. Particular care should be taken in applying the amount of fluoride, or when swallowing significant amounts of fluoride-containing toothpastes, as an excessive amount can lead to the formation of Fluorosis (white pigmentation on the tooth surface).