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MODJAW’s technology provides a unique experience for you and your patients: efficiency, comfort and advanced interactions.
Thanks to the impressive 4D images, your patients will be able to visualize their chewing and understand the treatment needed.

With a compact design, specially adapted for use in dental clinics, the M-Jee trolley can be easily installed next to the chair. Its articulated arm helps position MODJAW’s high-end, real-time optical camera in front of the patient. A 21-inch touchscreen computer allows the patient to watch the jaw move LIVE while the dentist is working. After use, its articulated arm lowers and the screen rotates to optimize space.

Tac Dental 3D

3D TAC is a diagnostic imaging technology that uses radiation in a similar way to conventional radiographic imaging, with the difference that the images are converted into a three-dimensional image that can then be manipulated by sophisticated computer software for a wide variety of applications, including implantation, TMJ orthodontic, orthognathic and diagnostic purposes.

PIC Dental

The most accurate and effective implant prosthesis rehabilitation solution on the market.
Since 2010, PIC dental has been the only digital impression technique specializing exclusively in multiple implant restorations. Accurate to 4 microns, it is proven by more than 18 peer-reviewed scientific studies and hundreds of thousands of successful clinical cases.


DSD was developed by Dr Christian Coachman and provides a combination of systematic approaches and strategies to improve comprehensive dentistry and dental office growth, with improved diagnosis, smile design, team communication, treatment planning, clinical execution and value creation. added to patients in order to increase the number of new patients and the acceptance of cases.

The goal is to use technology and communication protocols to improve efficiency and differentiation.

The DSD concept is based on 5 pillars



CORITEC one + is the high-end model for the area next to the chair. Due to the simultaneous 5-axis technology, in addition to the universal 1-fold holder, the C-clamp holder and spindle holder can also be integrated. This generates new application options and more flexibility when performing the desired tooth restoration. The machine’s compact and stable basic structure enables precise block and circular work.


The ZFX intraoral scanner utilizes structured light technology combined with the latest generation software, which allows a sophisticated reprocessing of the images captured by the scanner for special use in dental clinics, to create, in whole or in part, with CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology, patients’ prostheses.


Laser EOS is specialized in additive manufacturing for bridges, crowns and more. Its 3D Printing allows dentures to be produced cost-effectively and meets the highest demands for precision, appearance and durability. Partial dentures need to fit the patient without any compromise, as well as looking natural and aesthetic.

It is characterized by consistent and repeatable part quality, as well as high reproducibility. It offers advantages like: production of highly resilient, rigid but still fine geometries; fully digital process for optimally fitting dentures; clean construction with a layering process that prevents cavities in the dentures; high strength.


The innovation that allows to obtain optimal results in a short time and, above all, without creating the discomfort of the various materials in patients, is the intra-oral scanner. This is an effective and non-invasive technology that consists of a small device that is inserted into the oral cavity and is able, through a light beam, to detect the shape and positioning of the teeth accurately and precisely.

The images obtained are used for the creation of a 3D model for the teeth, which the dentist will take as a reference point for evaluations and treatments.


ZirkonZahn, the metal free dental restorations made of high quality zirconia. Zirkonzahn technology provides precision planning and design from day one. We combine our advanced and specialized training in dental implants with this amazing technology to maximize the quality of your treatment. This ensures that our team routinely provides outstanding results for our patients.

Because Zirkonzahn technology is all digital, it means you won’t have to wait long and be bored. In a matter of minutes, our technology can capture 3D images substantially more accurate than with traditional impressions. This also means that your final tooth or crown will fit more precisely and comfortably in your mouth.

We follow the latest technology

As in the clinic, in our laboratory you will be able to find the best technological equipment at your disposal to achieve the best possible result.