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About Asoc. Dr. Luan Mavriqi.

Prof. Dr. Luan Mavriqi graduated as a dentist, from the Faculty of Medicine during 1993-1998. He completed his bachelor's degree in Orthopedics in 2004 in Tirana. For a short period of time he attended a training course on Oral Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University Gigi D'Annuzio Chieti, in Pescara, Italy.

During  2006-2007, he attended another program for Implantology and Periodontology. At the same time he was taking a course on Mucogingival Surgery and Bone Regeneration, in Implantology and Periodontal practice.

He has also attended a program for composite updates in Dentistry. He then took a new training course in Implantology at Columbia University in December 2010. He attended the Laser Key seminar in February 2012 at Ilm University, in Ulm, Germany.


Articles Published

Effects of 10-MDP Based Primer on Shear Bond Strength between Zirconia and New Experimental Resin Cement.

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A Human Clinical and Histomorphometrical Study on Different Resorbable and Non-Resorbable Bone Substitutes Used in Post-E xtractive Sites. Preliminary Results.

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Comparison of a Novel Ultrasonic Scaler Tip vs. Conventional Design on a Titanium Surface.

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Evaluation Effectiveness of the Voltaic Arc Dermabrasion in Perioral Rhytides Eradication.

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Evaluation of Microgap With Three-Dimensional X-Ray Microtomography: Internal Hexagon Versus Cone Morse.

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Inferior Alveolar Nerve Mobilization Using Ultrasonic Surgery With Crestal Approach Technique, Followed by Immediate Implant Insertion: Evaluation of Neurosensory Disturbance.

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Sandwich osteotomy of the atrophic posterior mandible prior to implant placement.

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Occurrence of maxillary sinus membrane perforation following nasal suction technique and ultrasonic approach versus conventional technique with rotary instruments.

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The use of piezosurgery to mobilize the mandibular alveolar nerve followed immediately by implant insertion: a case series evaluating neurosensory disturbance.

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Values of Prof. Dr Luan Mavriqi.

  • 24 years of experience in dental surgery.
  • Professor of implantology
  • Specialized in Germany, Italy and USA
  • Specialist in oral surgery and implantology
  • Doctor in aesthetic surgery
  • Master in Digital Smile Design

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